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Jaekwang Bae

Founder & CEO

Jaekwang is a leading figure in internet governance and innovative venture ecosystem in Korea…

Kyoungsoo Kim


Kyoungsoo has over 18 years of experience as a web and mobile service business developer an…

Kwangyeon Won


Kwangyeon oversees digital contents and media platform. He specializes in development of s…

Jongsung Chun

Media & Platform Director

Business strategy and communications specialist with extensive experience in media an…

Sangyeop Kim

Chief Blockchain Architect

Sangyeop Kim specializes in InfoSec and Architecture. In the past years, he worked for financ…

Jooyeon Kim

App Developer

Jooyeon works on develop secure and convenient mobile service. With over 6 years experience in m…

Keunhye Lee

Director of Marketing and Communication

Keunhye has 15 years of experience in advertising and ma…

Jiho Kim

Blockchain Architect

Jiho is a top-class, first-generation game developer in Korea. While he was attending KAIST in the early 9…

Taejoo Park

Lead Developer

For many years, Taejoo has led middleware development at venture enterprises. Having devel…

Jake Jung

Blockchain Architect

With doctorate degree in Quant, Jake specializes in Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Quant. He…

Yizhen Lin

Global Strategy Manager

Yizhen hails from Qingdao, China and earned her bachelor degree in Political Science from Fudan U…



We are looking for talented, driven people to join our journey of bringing the crypto-payment innovation to reality. If you’re interested or have any inquiry, please contact us at

Yangsup Song

Blockchain Architect

Yangseop previously worked as director of multimedia development at Samsung Elect…

Changgon Kim


With over 20 years’ experience in internet business, Changgon is a full stack application engineer a…



Jaekyung Song

  • CEO, XL Games
  • former CTO and Vice President, NCSoft
  • Lead Developer of ‘Lineage’ and ‘The Kingdom of the Winds’
  • SNU, Computer Science

Yangmin Seo

  • CEO, Andromeda Game
  • former Development Director, NCSoft
  • Seoul National Univ., Computer Science

Hyunseong Seo

  • CEO, Pathfinder 8
  • Lead developer of ‘Kaiser’, a popular Korean game
  • Seoul National Univ., Computer Science

Sungjoon Yoo

  • CEO, Dragon Lab
  • Former CTO, Netmarble
  • KAIST, Computer Science
O2O Commerce & Donation

Cheongjong Lee

  • CEO, Whois, Inc.
  • Yonsei University

Inkyu Park

  • CEO, ecPlaza, Inc.
  • Former manager, KTNET

Jungwoo Shim

  • President, The Policy Academy of National Assembly

Jadeok Koo

  • Founder, NPO IT Support Center
  • Korea University
IP & Creative

Sangdon Joo

  • CEO, IP Targets
  • Publisher, IPnomics
  • Adjunct Professor, Korea University Graduate School of Management of Technology
  • Member of the national steering committee of the Korea IP World Hub


Doohyung Lee

  • Former Chairman, Securities & Futures Commission of The Credit Finance Association
  • Seoul National University

Kwangheon Park

  • Former Director, Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute
  • Architect of the current KFTC system
  • Korea University

Kyehyung Lee

  • Director of Bureau of Startups, Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • Vice President, Dankook Univ.
  • Seoul National University

Hyuncheol Kim

  • Developer of Big Data & Blockchain, a Scam ICO detector
  • Professor, Sangmyung University
  • Ph.D., Computer Science, KAIST

Tommy Ryoo

  • Global Business Director, FXGear, a leading AR/VR technology company
  • Hyundai Electronics SW lab
  • B.E., Seoul National University

Gyusik Kim

  • Executive director, Soorim Asset Management
  • Former Risk examiner, Korea Asset Management Corporation
  • Lawyer, SNU School of Law

Junhee Kim

  • CEO, Good Management Academy
  • Former CEO, Co.
  • Former CEO, Neungyule, Inc.
  • Seoul National University, School of Law

Ikgwon Bae

  • Nearly 30 years as CPA
  • Blockchain analyst expert
  • Seoul National University, Economics
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